Lloyd Spencer Davis

Lloyd Spencer Davis

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In addition to being an award-winning scientist, Professor Lloyd Spencer Davis is also an award-winning writer, photographer, filmmaker and university teacher. He currently holds the Stuart Chair in Science Communication at the University of Otago where, among other things, he teaches creative nonfiction writing.

Lloyd is the author of Penguin: a season in the life of the Adélie penguin, for which he received the PEN (NZ) Best First Book Award for Nonfiction; The Plight of the Penguin, which was NZ Post's New Zealand Children's Book of the Year in 2002, as well as the winner of the nonfiction category at the same awards.

His book, the Smithsonian Q&A Penguins: a book commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution that provides a complete story on penguins in the form of questions and answers, which Lloyd has artfully arranged so that one answer typically leads to the next question – allowing the book to be read from cover to cover, rather like a novel, while still functioning as a reference book.
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In 2009, he launched “Penguins of New Zealand” (with photographs by Rod Morris). As the publisher, New Holland, says on it’s website: “New Zealand and its territories are home to a greater number of penguin species than any other region on the planet...Lloyd Spencer Davis, one of the country’s top researchers into penguin biology and behaviour, has written an informative and accessible guide to 12 species, covering all key aspects from their evolution and prehistory to their feeding and breeding behaviour and current conservation issues.”

Most recently, Lloyd has launched a revised digital version of his award-winning book, The Plight of the Penguin, for viewing on an iPad (buy from Apple’s iBookstore). His new book, Professor Penguin: discovery and adventure with penguins, has just been published by Penguin Random House and is available on Amazon and the Apple iBookstore.
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The Plight of The Penguin now on iPad and on Sale!

Lloyd Spencer Davis' award-winning book The Plight of the Penguin is now available on the Apple iBookstore. This is a new digitally-enriched and enhanced version of the book that won both the New Zealand Children's Book of the Year and the Children's Best Nonfiction Book of the Year.
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Professor Penguin: discovery and adventure with penguins

Lloyd Spencer Davis' latest book is now out.

In 1977, Lloyd Spencer Davis, through a series of serendipitous events, finds himself on a beach at Cape Bird in Antarctica face to knee-cap with an Adelie penguin. He is there to conduct research on the penguins and it will prove to be an experience that shapes the rest of his life. Professor Penguin follows the intersecting lives of Davis and the penguins.

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